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Lisa Blackmon Esquire is a proud mother, wife, and advocate of education, equity, and change. With more than twenty years of experience in the field of law, specializing in real estate and, probate she brings a vast amount of knowledge to each speaking platform or panel her presence graces.

Having an extensive personal real estate portfolio, she firmly believes in educating her clients, millennials, and all interested in real estate investing. Her no-fluff and candid approach to facing the fears of investing, makes her a highly sought-after presenter.

Her passion for seeing others establish generational wealth and increased self-confidence inspired her to further her professional development by the way of becoming a Board-Certified Professional Coach. Since, she has become a published author and launched the I am a LifeChanger movement.

Her impact has successfully inspired thousands to discover purpose, create and implement plans of action, and have the courage to bring to the world the gifts within.

She currently holds several positions of leadership in her community and local church. Integrity and humility are two attributes she vows to never dismiss.

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